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Nice to see you on these rugged waters! Are you looking for a friendly place to park your raft? Then welcome to Cosmos! We're an online TCG dedicated nature and all it has to offer. Step right up, crack a coconut and enjoy that sea breeze ! This lovely site is run by Samichan.

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Cosmos is currently accepting members! We have a total of 77 active member(s). The site currently has 122 released decks with 1830 cards total.


I may consider bringing Cosmos back as a mini-tcg in the near future! Depends on my work schedule, life issues and all around free time LOL. If I do bring it back some features will be removed and it will really be a mini-tcg with mostly automatic games and bi-weekly deck releases (prob or atleast 1-3 decks only a week!). This is still just a thought at the moment, nothing set in stone. Just wanted to let you guys know that I really loved Cosmos and am not ready to just shut it down completely yet.. :,c

04 Mar 2016

Sad news, but I'm running out of gas!

So after moving jobs to my new one and proceeding through training I've learned that my job requires me to be called into work alot even when I've just left or have an off day. This means I'm going to be limiting my hobbies by ALOT and cutting out things I just can't really keep up with anymore. Sadly, Cosmos is going to be saying goodbye for that reason. I simply don't have the time and energy to run it anymore.It started as such a small project I didn't expect it to really gain too many members! I was so happy with the turn out from you guys! It made me set it into an actual tcg project. Although its grown almost too big and it's really stressing me out! I've ran tcgs before and do not like hiring tons of staff because things happen in people's lives (like this!) and I'm left hanging with even more stress. > < I know it kinda sucks because Cosmos was the only active Nature tcg right now, but trust me there will definately be another one. :c I had alot of fun running this tcg and I'm not going to put it on an indefinate hiatus because my schedule just isn't going to work with that atm! I am kinda dissappointed in myself but life things do come first. Cosmos was alot of fun and I hope you guys had fun playing for the while it was available.
I won't be answering anymore contact mail, forum requests or any forms. Activity will pretty much be at a sudden stop. I hope you guys can understand and I'll see you around!

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10 Nov 2015
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